Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camping & Hiking Girdwood

Pix for blog: green leaf, me on the tram, me with water, bear)
Girdwood is known as a ski resort town. Could not really find a town center, which seemed odd to me; just groups of shops and houses spread out on small roads.

There’s a famous bakery we visited and questioned ourselves if we were in the right place b/c all they had was bread, cinnamon buns and a deli menu. We were expecting more baked goods; it was pretty comical being so confused in such a small town.  We then visited a famous pizza place and had some beer. And in town we saw a bear. We did not see any on our 4 hr hike earlier that day. Also today, Mike learned that he is going to med school in the Fall.

Wish we could have stayed more than 2 nights as there are lots of hiking trails and I feel I did not get a good sense of Girdwood. People raved about it and I did not get to explore much. The guys I met in Talkeetna live here in winter and work at the famous, huge, ski resort.

Greg and the 2 HI girls stayed one night and left after our 8 mile Winner Gorge trail hike. Mike and I left for Seward the next late morning.

Click here for photo album.

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