Saturday, June 18, 2011

Denali – An Inspiring & Natural Connection

Denali NP is hard for me to put in to words to do it justice. 6 million acres of vast wilderness, where the wild can roam free surrounded by hundreds of mts. So many mts that they go nameless. Denali, the high one, is 20,320 ft. high.
The tundra is vegetation that grows higher than tree lines making it an excellent location for wildlife, such as caribou, bears both black and grizzlies (saw from the bus), moose, foxes, dall sheep and more.

We camped at Wonder Lake for 3 nights and only heard about the horrible big mosquitoes when we arrived in the park. We left Anchorage by bus at 7am, got to the park at 1, took the 2pm park bus to get to our camp by 7pm. Chris and Mike met us at camp a few hrs later and could only camp 2 nights.

The air was so refreshing and I felt so alive. Despite the bugs, on/off showers, and not seeing the mt while we were there, it was still an amazing experience. I've been to 20 National Parks and this is on my top 5. Volcano NP on the big island also touched me in similar ways. There’s a huge HI & AK connection, which I will write about in another post. 
I have not camped in about 5 weeks and this was my first Alaska camping. And what an excellent way to celebrate my bday! Always wanted to camp on my bday and got to celebrate with new traveling friends.  

On my bday we caught the 6:30am camper bus for the 5 hr. drive to the entrance as we were planning to catch a train to Talkeetna. I befriended an Aussie couple traveling America for 8 months and they gave us a 2.5 hr lift to Talkeetna; saving us $80 a piece. Travelers and locals have been so friendly and it’s just another world here, will talk more about this later on. Click here for more pix.

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