Friday, June 10, 2011

Fleeing My Alaskan Coop

On June 8th I flew my Alaskan coop.  They would love to have me all summer, which was a tempting offer. They have more helpers coming this summer, but we get along so well and been helping them with much needed marketing work, (websites, brochures etc) in addition to all the random kayaking business stuff.   

It’s been great to help them and get to know them during my month stay. It’s like I have a family here and could visit again. Who knows, maybe I will one summer as the nature scene is different from the Spring.  On the right, is a pix of me eating barnacles. looks gross, but not bad at all.

Took the water taxi back to Homer. Then caught a free 5 hr car ride to Anchorage via couch surfing; saving me a $100 bus ticket.  Sabrina, from Homer, and I had lots of travel talks and our love of the Big Island.   

It was weird coming from a remote place in just one month to all the car traffic, people, etc but it felt so good to have a running shower. I stayed with Kelvin via couchsurfing, a 24 yr old native. Next day, not planned,  I met up with Greg and his new travel buddy, Theresa, a German chick.  

We all met up at bar with other couch surfers I met in ANC and he met in MT. what a great night. So many travel vagabonds here all in the same spirit to let loose and go. Alaska is such a free feelin place with friendly peeps all around.

For new pix added to my Little kayak album, click here and scroll down to pix 39.

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