Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Thoughts Related to Travel

Below are some random thoughts I collected that relate to traveling:

Friend said, “I have all the time in the world”. I replied than you are a rich man.

Never hear anyone regretting that they traveled.

Not worrying about how everything can go wrong, just go with what comes at you.

People ask me where I am from, which is hard to answer. I am born and raised NY, recently lived in PX 4.5 yrs. Where do I currently live is my face question. Nowhere, anywhere, here right now :)

So far unintentionally spent my holidays on the road trip wwoofing. Easter arrived to the vineyard in UT. Memorial weekend spent in Little Tutka Bay, AK with the kayaking group.  Fourth of July on an organic/sustainable farm island near Juneau.

Apparently Germans travel for 2 years frequently.

When traveling I forget what is dirty and what is clean and when things were last washed.

Happy I shaved my pretty hair, when traveling and in places w/ less water access it is less greasy and less to maintain. 

No photo album on this post.

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