Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Archery & Alpaca Farm

The sun has been so bright lately and you can see clearly after midnight. We stayed up past 11pm to see the sunset, but you can’t really see it b/c it’s so darn bright and u see spots for a few mins afterwards. 
And finally, we got to shoot some arrows and I learned a thing or two about archery. Simple tools, but a few things to keep in mind when positioning your hands, elbows, and your stance. After a handful of tries, I got very close to the bulls eye. 
A few days ago, I visited the spit life in Homer and took random touristy fish photos. I've updated my Homer album; new pix start on photo 42. includes touristy life at the spit and visit to the alpaca farm- so many darn cute animals, who also hosts wwoofers.

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  1. Yeah! Arrow the shit out of the bull's eye! ;)