Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween week in NYC

My third week back home was a busy one. Erin, a former colleague and good friend from Portland, was conducting her voluntourism fair in NYC and I gladly helped out. Same night Chris from PDX came into town too.  Later that weekend, Dave from VT was in NYC for work.  Lots of walking, sightseeing, and eating yummy nyc food to be had.

After Halloween, I went back up north to VT with Dave since we made plans to visit Cape Cod the weekend after.  It’s nice to get out of the city. I can’t believe I prefer small towns. Click here for pix of NYC & Halloween. 

And finally, I made a decision of what is next for me. I am flying to Costa Rica on Nov 12 for 3 months (using parents air miles)! I have not left this county in two years and haven’t spent that much time abroad since Australia in 2008. I am going to a Spanish school for the first two weeks. I never took a Spanish class! Then headed North to Tirimbina to participate in their environmental educational volunteering program. This will be my first time volunteering abroad.

After three weeks of volunteering, will meet up with Dave for 2-3 weeks for some traveling and maybe even join his ecotourism class. I also have two sets of friends living near San Jose to meet up with. Then venture off a bit on my own. I arrive back in NYC Feb 9 as of now. By then I should know what’s what with peace corps and make a final decision, hoping to serve by March/April, if all works out. 

I am sure my internet access will be spotty; will try to post 1x a week or two. Also my phone # will be suspended b/w 11/12 and 2/9. 

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