Wednesday, October 26, 2011

nyc 2 & Philly

My parents went to Puerto Rico for a week, which is kinda why I am here to babysit by baby. I spent the week mostly alone. I have not had a night to myself for a whole month. I have not had an apartment to myself since I left PDX in February. It was so nice to eat when I wanted to, not clean up after myself right away, and be on my own schedule. The following weekend, we all headed to Philly to visit my brother while the parents help him work on his house.

I’ve been researching environmental education volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica. I am still interested in ecotourism, but I like the idea of education. I want to get experience teaching and working with kids as that’s a requirement for most park ranger positions for the National Park. I don’t want to go back to school, so I hope volunteering is a loophole. I’ve been hearing great things about costa rica despite how American and touristy it has become. I also have two sets of friends who just moved down there.
I also reopened my Peace Corps application. Had to redo my dental exam, get a new reference and submit a new motivational letter explaining why I deferred in January. They don’t have programs till April-July. I can still say no, but figured I’d see where this takes me. It’s a good long term career and life experience. I get to live and work abroad for 27 months. Hopefully, I can do either environmental nonprofit work or teaching/education. Should know more by Feb.

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