Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm in a Rainforest for 3 weeks!

My taxi was 15 min late and the bus left 10 mins early but I made it and even got a seat. Need to arrive earlier to get a seat and hopefully next time by the window to take pix. One traveler told me he stood on a 4hr bus ride. 

OMG it is humid here and wet which of course is expected in a rainforest. I arrived at 8:30, got settled in, and walked a mile to town to buy some food as I am on my own for breaky and dinner. The road is busy and there’s no pathway to walk on, so it isn’t very nice. I walked on my own on some of their trails. They got about 5 miles worth. Had to buy “green” detergent and we get to use a washing machine and dryer for free.

My supervisor is super nice and the place is nicely set up. Got my own room. I work M-S from 8am till about 3;30. But they are flexible if i want to take off to explore the areas. There's world class river rafting here which I plan to do this Sunday. The Center provides us w/ a huge lunch salad, rice/beans, and chicky with juice and tea. I need the black tea to wake up since I am up so early here but there are no bathrooms in the rainforest. Been drinking tons of water too, but body quickly engulfs and absorbs it when the water hits my mouth, such an odd experience. 

There's a German volunteer here, AnnaBell, who has been here for 3 weeks and is here for 1.5 more. The other volunteers just left when I arrived. There's also 2 German PHD students doing their study here for one year. The town, La Virgen, is a mile away but the social scene I am told sucks. My supervisors work 7-6 and afterwards chills here b/c it is more interesting than town. I will compile and do a separate post about the work later on.  Click here for more pix.

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