Thursday, November 17, 2011

Learning Spanish & Orosi

Orosi is a small town (piqueno pueblo), population 3,900. The school (la escuela) is in town. I (Yo) am staying at the school’s hostel. Lucky for me it is low season so I have the dorm room to meself. I also have a private class (clase): M-F 3 hours a week (tres veces por semana), 8-11am. Gosh the first day (primero dia) we covered so much. Reading (leer) and (y) writing (escribir) is much easier than talking (hablar) and hearing (oir). I think I my go bald after my classes as I pull my hair out during the day.

There’s (Hay) a lot (mucho) to see in this valley but having a car would be helpful. Got to walk up a few hills for some views. People are friendly and many of them ride bikes to get around, however, there are only a few paved roads. There are a few peeps at the hostel that I have made friends (amigo) with. One taking class, the other is here for a year for (para) her doctoral thesis, the other just needed a cheap place to stay. There's been a few couples  stopping for the night or so. It’s been super cloudy (nublado); the rain starts after 2 and sometimes pours at night (noche). Tons of chickens (pollo) and roosters crow at all hours starting at 5:30am. Tons of dogs (perro) roam the streets (calle) and are in people’s gated homes barking on/off. When one barks the others join. They sort of serve as guards I suppose.

It poured my first night (noche) in San Jose, which kept waking me up in amazement. When it rains here it pours. It’s not only heavier, but the roofs are made of metal and the walls are not so soundproof here.  Showers (duchar) are another tricky game here. The lower the pressure the warmer the water they say, but (pero) I have not been successful at the hostel. We have 4 (quarto) showers, so maybe I will be lucky on my fourth try.  Also in CR, you cannot flush toilet paper, needs to be disposed in the trash bin.

The mosquito bites are much itchier than in AK; wakes me up at night. They just love my ankles. But apple cider vinegar seems to help. And lastly, my nightmare is coming true. 2nd night saw a huge cockroach the size of my fist on the dresser. I worried he would come to my bed while I sleep. 3rd night I enter my room and he is on my bed! He ran under the blanky (yeah it gets chilly at night) and then under my bed. AGH! I can handle spider, snakes, mice, but these guys gross me out.  Click here for more pix.


  1. I like you put Spanish here and there. :)

  2. seems like classes are paying off. you came to costa rica knowing two words: perro and hola. keep it up! love the post.