Sunday, November 27, 2011

Farewell Orosi, Hello San Jose

Last few days in Orosi were hectic and rainy so no more hikin for me. More travelers came through. My solo room was shared with 4 other girls at one point. We had 22 “teachers” finishing up their World Teach work here. They taught for a year w/o pay and stayed with a host family. Most of them recently graduated college. Have not been around so many younings in a while, I wondered did we all act that way?

It’s so weird livin in a hostel. Never stayed at one for so long. Met a french traveler at the hostel, he told me I am not American because I know my geography and was surprised how much I have traveled and how I wanted to protect the environment. Finished classes on Fri, headed to San Jose to chill with Mo and his fam for two nights.

Did a few hours exploring San Jose on me own, which was not too bad and saw a lot. People were actually paying to get their photo taken with the dirty pigeons on their hands. Security guards, unguarded, protecting the bathroom areas of most fast food joints, which there are many here. On the bus saw a security guard with a gun and vest in front of a store.

New home will be at Tirimbina Rainforest Center, a 30 mins walk form a small town called La Virgen, which is a 2 hr, $4 bus ride north from San Jose then a taxi ride. Buses do not go to every single town here. Catching the 6:30am one tmrw, early day for me. Click here for more pix.

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  1. todas las fotlos realmente hermosas!!.. bella Costa Rica, fue un gusto conocerlos Rose.
    Besos Elizabeth...