Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Learning about CR & more Hiking

I learned that you can’t watch hulu or Netflix outside of the US; I only watch: the office and 30 rock. But I can watch South Park on the comedy central website. It’s nice to chill and laugh and take a break from talking, hiking, and learning. Two odd things I learned yesterday. 1. Some parents give their kids, starting at the age of 1, coffee up to 2x a day. 2. I have yet to be at a bar at night time, but noticed that there were only men. Another traveler from Austria told me that in CR he has not seen girls at bars. Not sure why….
Taking the bus in small towns is a social gathering, everyone knows everyone. One friend joked that you must be crazy to be a bus driver and they are kinda like a god here. The roads are windy and who knows how they see in the dark w/o lights on the roads through these valleys and mts. There’s a lot of beauty in the countryside to see while busing around. The cows look different here and are grass feed! Sadly, child obesity is on the rise due to American fast food.

CR is very hills with many green mountains and active volcanoes. It reminds me of Malta, certain "old furniture" odors in the house. The bus driver handles the fares rather than a machine. Tons of dogs roaming the streets. There’s lots of little snack shops, houses are close together, out of date fashion, high taxes on importation, old ladies wearing those floral simple dresses.
And finally, the cat thinks I am his new friend and now tries to sleep with me. There's no way of keeping him out of my room. He would be my new best friend if they killed roaches :) Last Sunday spent 7 hrs on a bus to visit the best archeological site in CR and yesterday did a 4 hr hike through our valley. Click here for more pix.

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