Sunday, October 23, 2011

NYC - Not so much for me

As I get older, I get more disconnected from the city that raised me. I can’t relate to the people, lifestyle, noise, and negative energy. I now remember the reasons I left five years ago.  It always a strange feeling visiting "home". The past 4.5 yrs in PDX, I changed so much and these past 7 months has been a life experience like no other. This city has also changed, the village was moving from punk/metal to yuppies. Sometimes we just grow apart and that's ok.

There’s tons of trash on the streets and plastic bags discarded left and right.  It pains my heart to see so much disrespect for our land. On every street there’s shopping and consumption to be had. People buying things they think they need. I, too, was one of them. Now passing by the stores, I don’t even look. I feel good to not waste more money on more stuff that I don’t need.

Ok, so there’s a few good things here too. I love walking here. The old buildings are magnificent. Now, I have time to walk slow and w/o an end goal. Taking photos is free entertainment for me. And of course, there’s great food to be had as well. My stomach is expanding: Chinese, Indian, pizza, cannoli. I want to cook while saving money; it’s a tricky balancing act that I have mastered.

Seeing friends and their kids has been interesting. Such different lives we live now. No more bars or late nights. Sitting at home with a glass of wine, all u need is good company. It’s been nice to be here more than just a few days to see nyc, people, (honey), and for me to catch up on normal life stuff. 

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