Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boone, NC Again? Who would have thought :)

Somehow, my good friend Kelly, talked me into visiting her in small, mountain town Boone, NC. Well it did not take that much convincing. I was already in her state. After a long day of 2 buses and 4 hr wait in Winston Salem, I was in Boone.

Sadly, Kelly had to work 3 shifts and was starting a cold. We cooked, which was super nice. I caught up on some green blogs, my own, and even watched a few cartoons and episodes of the new office. I hardly ever get to watch tv. I also watched two interesting food documentaries: Ingredients mostly filmed in OR and the Botany of Desire (which was educational w/ interesting histories of apples, marijuana, tulips, and potatoes).

Then off to another bus to Charlotte to connect to a plane to NYC. One cool thing is I get to see my cs friend Jared, whom I met last year. He is just getting coming back from his 2nd season being a park ranger in AK. We did not get to meet up there. He lives in Charlotte and I have a 2 hr wait. We had lunch and he took me to the airport.

I have mixed feeling visiting NYC. Nice to see the fam and of course excited about seeing Honey. But it feels like my trip is over and I still don’t know what the heck I am doing. Well I am busing to VT Oct 6 – 11 as I never been. I have a friend there, time, and it ain’t too far.  Then I will be in NYC till at least 11/2.  After that, we will have to wait and see! Click here fore more pix.

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