Monday, December 26, 2016

Saigon - Ho Chi Min City & Phu Quoc - Vietnam

 After the dark cave tour and in mui ne, I stubbed the same pinky toe twice. We cleaned it up and put a bandaid with ointment on it. I know wounds need to breathe so I removed the bandaid for the 5 hrs bus ride to Saigon, now named Ho Chi Min. 

Saigon is the capital; very busy and dirty. We walked to our hostel, which we later realized was a full blown party hostel. Staff comes to our room to give us shots of something. We get a free beer and they inform us of their pub crawl. I was too tired to drink. We had a nice dinner and met up with some other travellers.  

When I got home my toe didn't look right. I put peroxide on it and went to sleep. Friends gave me suggestions via a fb post and the next two days I went to some pharmacies to load up. Didn't find everything but an antibiotic cream and decided to take antibiotics because it was infected. 

 I still managed to go to the war musuem which was an interesting experience. They blame US for everything but never mentioned the war had started amongst themselves. But I don't think we should have entered this war. 

The photos of the long term birth effects of agent orange was horrible and interesting to learn Monsanto was one of the manufacturing companies. And we let them manage our food back home. We are so twisted, even to ourselves. 

Visiting the Chuchi tunnels is a must but later I learned I went to the tourist version. Pretty much didn't learn a anything, saw a documentary that was ancient and not understandable and saw some cheesy displays. For those small framed, we were able to go through some of the tiny tunnels. I don't think this site was real though. I also got mega ripped off by booking the tour with the hostel. Keep on learning. 

The tunnels is pretty much how the Viet Cong (who sided with the north but were located in the south) won in the south. Tunnels spanned across five villages where thousands of people lived (and 200 were born) during the war and survived the US bombs. 

Our second night, Sarah and I got our own room next to party hostel. she had a flight back to London so I had my own room for a night to catch up on much needed sleep and then caught a flight to beautiful island of Phu Quoc. I wanted to chill, no more buses, no more walking, no more sights/tours. 
The south is super humid compared to the north; the beach didn't have much of a breeze but the water temperature wa a perfect escape never without the strong sun, the air is hot. I met some cool people at my hostel and stayed at the beach for 3 days. It's super hard to keep the baby toe clean, but every day it looks better. 

I can't believe I didn't tour the island at all. I literally stayed on a beach for days. I caught up on sleep too! On my way back to the big city I managed a doc appt to see if the toe had any puss to drain before I go to Cambodia the next day. The local doc who told me to stop the antibiotics. We all know you should never just stop that treatment, you need to run the full course. All I can do it try here. 

The next day, I saw an English doc in Phnom Penh, who advised to stop the antibiotics on day 5 instead of 7. He said the trend is to be on antibiotics for less. After reading up on them, I decided to stop. It does so much harm to your immune system, and I have an auto immune deficiency.  I loaded up on probiotics but can't tell if they are the real good ones. I've been feeling weird; Stopping the treatment was my Xmas present. 

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