Friday, December 16, 2016

Phong Nha: Paradise & Dark Cave - Vietnam

 Heading more south to phong Nha which is infamous for a collection of impressive caves. So many tours to choose from ranging in prices for one day to a three day trek, camping caving. Unfortunately you need to book the longer tours in advance. 

We decided on paradise cave, which opened up in 2010 as it was discovered only in 2006 by a loca who get a draft. The prettiest cave I have ever visited. We only walked 1km and its 32 km long for more professional Cavers to explore. 

We had an awesome lunch and then a quick Zipline to the dark cave. I haven't Ziplined in 6 years so the guy had to give me a nudge at the top. So much fun and I was able to take a video, not so great at the beginning as I had it super zoomed. 

Once landed, it's a quick, chilly swim to enter the dark cave. We walked a narrow line to avoid the sharp rocks as we were barefoot. The caves gets narrower and muddier. We have helmets (good for me as I hit my head) and a head lamp. 

Towards the end, there's no avoiding the mud. We end up swimming in a mud pool and it starts to lift your feet up. Like we are in space and you can actually float  on it not just in it. Such a bizzare, fun time. After 20 mins, I'm getting cold and it's time to go. I desperately try to keep my waterproof camera clean as I wasnt sure how it would do after the mud pool. It's ok!

We kayak back and are able to rinse in the water and do a sort of Zipline in to the water but not strapped on as you want to land in the water. Ended the tour with some free rum and coke; I skipped the coke part. 

We also rented motorbikes to check out the valley. I was happy to ride backseat. The "good" road was a bit of a scare with mud tracks. If I smoked, I definately would have needed a cigarette. 

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