Friday, December 23, 2016

En route to dalat - Vietnam

Since I landed here we have heard flooding reports. And it's not the raining season. There's heavy rain in the central coast which is why I didn't stay in hue or hoi an for long. My second and last day in Hoi An was rain free. And when it rains here, it pours nonstop. 
12 hrs on an overnight bus to Nha Trang and then transfer for a 5 hrs bus to Dalat. Parts of the highway was missing due to floods. A week later I felt super lucky as a chick told me the bus took 24 hrs and it just rained again for days in Hoi An after I left. 

I couldn't believe the conditions of the road and locals didn't seem to be worried.  I was worried since The night bus driver drove 10 hrs straight; i was impressed.

 Dalat is known for its beautiful countryside, views from the mountains. I skipped Nha Trang as its a huge city by the beach that's been overtaken by drunk Russians, so I'm told. For some reason Russians love to visit Vietnam but the locals and other tourists don't seem to love them here. 
I rented a private room at a nice place to get some sleep and much needed me time. It's nice meeting so many cool travellers but you end up never alone and talking to new people every day can get exhausting. 

A lady told me on the bus to visit crazy house which I did right away. It was like a small Disney land for adults. I kept saying to myself, "this is crazy". 

I headed up to my nice hotel in the mountains and stayed up there to save money from taxis. The rain came after crazy house tour so all good timing. The next day I wanted to take the cable car to the monastery but it was not working so I took a taxi instead. It was peaceful but not much to it. A monk did talk to me for once but I didn't have much time. 

Headed back to town to check out before my 5 hrs bus to Mui Ne. Later I heard there's so much more to do in dalat including a bar with a maze and a lot adventure activities. Can't see and do it all in a month here. 

More pix to dalat and monastery 

Pix link of  awesome crazy house 

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