Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hoi An - Vietnam

Hoi An is known for its nice beach, old city and tailored suited and apparently dresses can me made to order. I found a hostel in between town and the beach. But the rain stayed with me on my first day and I didn't bother to see the beach. I tried to ride a bike in the rain to the bus office to reserve my seat for the next day but I got lost and ran out of time. 

Everything was wet; I was not super happy. I did luck out with having the whole dorm to myself. The family owner is known for being hospitable. On Sunday's they go out for dinner. They motorbiked me and a kiwi to a local fried chicken place to dine with them. The chicken was excellent. Hotel owner loves to socialize and drink beer. He downs them fast and encouraged us to participate with doing a cheers for every sip. 

Back at home, He invites us to have more beer. I think it was 3 for me. His wife served salty, chewy dried fish and dried beef; I didn't like either but I tried it at least. 
Hotel guy is getting happy and friendly. He loves saying my legal name and kept saying "Malta" and " she's beautiful" to Sam. Later he tells me "I have you now", twice. I look at Sam as he hears this too. I say, "I see you tomorrow". He says, " I see you later". "Tomorrow" I say. 

Not too long he comes into my dorm room and closes the door. I open it and Sam is there offering me water. The guy hugs and leaves and Sam and I disect the situation. Sam was uncomfortable as the dude walked in to his room too before mine.  We decided to stick together and share a room. 

I leave in the morning to enjoy the old city before my evening bus. Most of the old section avoided the war. The old Town was a South-East Asian trading port from the 15th to the 19th century. Architectural Influences by China, Japan, and some European. 

With such an odd evening I splurged on a dress that stood out. It's my first tailored dress, silk material about $57. I got her down a bit because I've been spending way too much money here and I know I'm getting ripped off often. 

There's a pottery village nearby. I so enjoyed pottery classes and was curious what they meant by 17th century style. THey get the mud by boat from the local river. Use their feet to move the wheel. Then dry the pots in the sun for two days, during rainy season more days inside.
Next it goes in the kiln for at least 2 days in the small one, 5 days In The larger kiln. The brick the door shuts except the bottom part where they can put burn the wood to get it hot. Then they break down the brick door and wait 5 days inside to let it cool down.

They let you try a turn; I super sucked as its been 6 years :( They guilted me into buying something. I'm such a sucker here. The constant hassling from vendors and everyone who sees you as a cash machine wears on you after a while. 

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