Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Wind Down

The end of July seems like a close to an awesome warm summer in Alaska. It's been cloudy and rainy for days now, which has been nice as that keeps me home after work. I find it hard to find a balance here and summer is just maddening with the light and energy. I am still not use to the traffic we now have and in a way look forward to a relaxing winter and spending time cooking and chilling with friends.

I survived my work's 2 day music festival that is a fundraiser so I was heavily involved in it. Learned a lot and glad it is done. People always have fun but it takes so much work to make that happen. There were a few snafus like almost loosing our sound system in an accident but we got lucky and the show went on.

The weekend after was a huge anti Pebble Mine, save the salmon, music festival drawing 5,000 people. So to learn from these nearby events, I volunteered and helped a friend vend her booth. Saw tons of friends, did not party, and tried to sleep; so overwhelming. I don't care much for the music Alaska has to offer so next year I am taking it easy with all these music events except my work one. I'd rather be with close friends exploring nature.

I am still recovering as I have been working regular hours in between the festivals trying to catch up etc etc. I look forward to November when I finally will have some down time at work.  In 2 weeks I will take a few days off when my dad visits!

Click here for some July pix in Homer and festival pix.

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