Monday, August 26, 2013

Seward with dad

Boy in 3 days with Dad we have seen a shit ton of wildlife and have been on the move all day long. To keep u with the daily big pix albums I will post a few times this week. I met dad in Seward Sat at 11am and we spent two days there.

Did a quick nice hike to a Glacier after lunch. After dinner he was pretty tired and caught up on sleep by 8pm. I walked around town a bit before callign it at 10pm. I am not use to waking up at 6am. aghhh.

Next day we did a water tour from 8am till 2. yeah lots of hours on a boat doing touristy stuff. Not what i normally do but thought it would be good for dad....he gets a little impatient and is not so into things as the typical tourist.

i kinda see how i use to be like him and how we are similar. Inpatient, don't get excited easily, and bored quickly :) But we saw so many puffins and i got some great whale shots....Also we had a very sunny day. The boat goes fast so out on deck was windy and chilly...Good start to a visit in AK!

Seward pix click here.

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