Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fishing and Beach Camping

Summer has been amazing here. great people and such awesome sunny warm weather. i am wearing sandals and dresses daily. Getting a tan, but no swimsuit wearing. My joke is you can tell an Alaskan woman if they have a halibut looking tummy. The bright white side of the fish....

So much fun stuff to do here, never a dull day. I am hardly home b/c its hard to be indoors after working indoors all day.

I went halibut fish on a charter for the first time and felt very sea sick for the first time. but i got 2 halibuts, which is the limit. They ain't no 100 pounders, but its all good. My arms were sore reeling in 250 feet.....I have yet to get salmon  though I tried to with a friend on a boat and that was fun and in the wrong river where they ain't running yet. Click here for those pix.

I also did my first tent camping this summer by the beach on the warmest beach day ever. no wind and no mosquitoes, a true miracle. So much to see walking on the beach. Click here for those pix. More fun coming soon. I am behind on my computer photo management :)

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