Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Wrap up

Dad is now back in NYC. We had a good few sunny days, the only ones I enjoyed this month! We got some fishin in, even river fishing. Dad says its good that we don't depend on what we catch. We got nada in the river. But now I got my own fly fishin rod so I best be learning soon :)

On the rainy days we did some errands, visited a huge art gallery that I never been to outside of Homer, and walkin in the light rain look at boats in the harbor; always a fun passing of time. It was interesting be a tourist in my town. Got to see it in a different way. We had dinner at a friend's house and dad ate a whole bowl of bear stew that I made!!!

It was neat hanging with dad as an adult and on our own. I noticed some of our similarities (past and current). Kinda got to understand myself better in a way. Even my friends said that after meeting him they understand me better.
Now I am off to an 11 mile hike across the bay that I wanted to do 3 summers ago and stay in a yurt with two chicas...Girls night in the woods!! Soon I will find time to rest :)

This album is a random collection of August pix that did not have their own album.

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