Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Camping Skilak Lake & Rafting in Copper Landing

Last weekend, I went camping one last time but got caught up in the rain at night time. The mosquitoes and no-see-ums, tinier than mosquitoes, were just terrible. No wind by the lake and the little no-see-ums got into the tent. 
It was actually warm even without the sun but I wore so many layers and clothing to protect my skin, but still managed to get bites everywhere. It kinda killed me wanting to camp again in AK during summer...we'll see. I got to do 2 hikes and pick some wild raspberries and see a bear print, owl, and beaver.

On Sunday went to Copper Landing for a scenic float in the rain. It was nice but 3 hrs with not much rapids was a bit too slow going for me.

 I am off to Seward this Sat to pick up my dad who will be here till Thurs night.

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