Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bear Viewing with Dad

On Monday, I took off of work and again woke up around 6am. Headed to a float plan to go to Katmai NP where there is a large concentration of brown bears. Lots of fish to eat.

It was a long day. I kinda new what to expect but was not sure entirely they don't tell you about the cloudy/windy/rain atmosphere and that you will be sitting laying low on rocky beaches most of the time.

I had 2 pairs of pants, thigh high rubber boats, smart wool socks, foot heat warmers, some whiskey and I was still chilly mainly b/c of sitting a lot. However, we got to see 3 cubs, and big bears chasing fish.

No danger for us. So oddly calm I was b/c so close to a bear. These bears are in the wild and there not human trace so they do not connect us to food...they are just there for the salmon. Its neat not to be scared of them and to see them in their playful ways. So darn cute

Click here for awesome bear pix.. I did ok considering my lens goes up to 250 we were with pros who had lens up to 600.....

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