Monday, June 3, 2013

The end of May in Homer & Seward Kayak

May has been a chilly month. We had a super long spring with not much sun. Though it did not snow much this winter the snow lasted longer. Towards the very end of May we finally got some awesome sun and great low tides.

For memorial weekend a friend and I visited Seward. About a 4 hrs trip to another coastal town. Very similar to Homer but smaller with even cooler temps. I wanted to check out the scene and the glacier hike.
My friend also had friends with a kayak business so we got a good deal on a day trip. I could not help myself from comparing their bay to the bay in Homer. Though they have awesome mountains there's are taller and closer in, but we have a longer range.

It's an awesome scenic drive. And the train goes down there from Anchorage, which I imagine would be a beautiful ride. The nice part about going down now is the mountains are still white soon they will just be green.  On the way back we got a great spot with great reflections of the mountains from a lake still with ice. Felt like I was in heaven. It's been so nice being in the sun wearing sandals without socks and no jacket. If summer in Homer was just a tad warmer I would never leave :)

Cool pix of low tide, baby razor clams and the bay in May in Homer click here.

Click here for pix of kayak and road trip to Seward!

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