Thursday, June 13, 2013

River Fishing and Sun!

More and more i understand the phrase midnight sun. not only is daylight still around by midnight but even on dreary days the sun appears around 9pm. totally throwing me off.  Instead of fighting it, i am working with the solar energy. sleeping late getting MY work done slowly (mainly blog and pix). sigh. 
It's such an extreme. In winter I could not stay past 8 and now I can stay past 1am! And I don't even drink tea these days my only source of caffeine. Summer is busier than I like it to be. The roads, the people I do not know, the airplane sounds over the beach and town. I need balance and this super action is more than I can take.
I also have a lot of weekend adventures planned which is cool. Some of it is for work and some is play and some is a mix. I pretty much think about work 24/7 right before i sleep and right when i awake. It's just so connected to everything it's hard not to. So I am trying to visit as many local festivals I can to do some market research and better understand this place I live in. My work puts on a 2 day concert which I have never done before and I am not much of a festival fan. Just don't like being around tons of people and out all day and night. so I am checking things out to to see how I can make our concert a more effective fundraiser since we pour so much time into it. 
So busy at work and on the personal front. never a dull second. Also we have had amazing weather. the best summer in 5 years i am told. its been above the average temp which is 60... so making up for last summer's windy, cool, cloudiness. I got a tan already. It's so keeping me from being in side after work. I hope this keeps up but you never know how quickly things change here. 
Well my bday is friday. 34 and I am going across the bay solo via a water taxi to stay at my first time in a yurt, first time in the woods alone for days, first time camping via boat. I need to break away for a bit and I am excited to spend my bday in the total opposite way than the past. 
click here for river fishing and more pix.

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