Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Seldovia Summer Soltice Music Festival

As I mentioned I am checking out as many music festivals locally and feasibly economically as possible for work. The music around here tends to be more on the folky/bluegrass side which ain't my thing. but i learned to appreciate talent when i hear it.

I was going to camp in Seldovia but due to weather i decided to stay with a friend i met through work stuff.

I still do not understand this small town. Lots of history:  "The Seldovia Village Tribe is a blend of Aleut, Yupik, Alutiiq and Athabascan peoples. In the 1850's Russian traders moved Aleuts and Alutiiqs from their homelands to a new fur buying/trading post established at Seldovia Bay, joining the Dena’ina (Athabascan) peoples that already inhabited the area. Following the American purchase of Alaska the official Russians moved away. Additional Native peoples and Northern Europeans came to Seldovia drawn by the rich marine resources".

Thing was I did not see many natives. The town was bigger back in the 50s before Homer got the main road to anchorage then Homer stopped needing Seldovia as a port. A walkable charming town, with some nearby hikes and beaches. I felt like I was more in AK and in Northern Exposure with the one bar in town, one main road, everyone knowing everyone. I thought Homer was small :)

The music was eclectic ranging from young pop girl to gospel African American lady with a set of pipes, to native guy with a little drum which a big heart (click here for video) and voice to orchestra rock band from Anchorage whom I have seen twice already and got to know and know have new friends in Anchorage.

The cool part was this small town was so easy to meet the musicians and talk to them for a while There were workshops and I met and actually made a halibut dinner for Si Kahn a long time community organizer from NC who is helping us fighting Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay.  Please Click here to make a comment to the EPA by June 30th and for more info. It may seem just like an Alaskan issue but in this small world we are all connected and clean water and healthy wild salmon runs effects more than just AK. Thanks!

Overall I had a nice and peaceful time. Nice break from the busy big town of Homer. Click here for pix.

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