Monday, June 17, 2013

Bday retreat - Solitude

I survived my 3 days alone in the woods across the bay in a yurt. By 10pm I have not spoken to a soul in 12 hrs. No human communication in any form, that's what I wanted as it is so rare these days to have. Each day I saw or heard a kayak couple or hikers. Disappointed by this, I avoided them and did not say a word to them. I did not move to Alaska to be surrounded by people and technology and I had to go across the bay to try to beat the peeps. I think I ran away from the concrete world that I grew up in and that's one reason I am so in love with nature. 

I am pretty sure this was the most alone time I have ever had that I can remember. Good way to celebrate your bday as we were alone for the first nine months! Been meaning to do this for years. Did not even want to know if I got cell phone reception, did not check. It's funny how we humans tend to feel the need to camp, hike or travel with someone. Why are we so social Why do we not want to be alone for some moments? Especially now when you hardly have alone time? Best present i ever gave myself and will become an annual thing. A honeymoon by myself with myself.  I've always been intrigued by the mediation getaway, etc but never thought I could handle that so I guess I have come up with my own version.

Packed some books, paper and pen, just enough food for 3 days, water, box of fire wood, clothes and of course camera and some whiskey. That's it. I realized as i unpacked that I just brought enough meals and snacks. nothing extra. i could not believe i did that as I do snack every 2 hrs or so. i had to ration and plan my food to be safe. Then I found mussels not very filling but fun to harvest and tasty. I read a whole book and edited a few chapters of my travel book. Slow going. so painful as I am not great at this. I realized that I even at the beach I was writing in the present but right now I am looking at the past to post this blog for this to be published in the future.....Just like my travel book. I love writing in the moment, the rest is harder for me to get to.

Some highlights include: eagle greetings (the closest I have ever been and have been by company this weekend), beaches to myself, trees that remind me of Oregon, secret morning spot in moss, 2 eagles on a branch, early morning mt reflection, and my first yurt experience. I woke up to all sorts of birds but can only recognize the eagle calls and went to sleep with a roaring fire that I lit on my own and by my own feeling like an adult. The fire was more for light than heat and got it too feel like the start of a sauna. Can't beat that. If I was with someone I might not have heard the sound of the eagles' feathers in flight b/c I most likely would have been talking. Went for a hike first time this summer. Happy I can identity some AK plants within a year of living here.

Spoiled with warm and the nicest weather ever on my bday that I can remember. I never thought I would ever tan here, we have had a very unusually hot summer. I can't imagine how the true Alaskans are taking this heat. I am enjoying my multi tone color body. Feels like I am in L48 with this heat at times but the sun here is like nothing I have ever felt before. such a scorcher need to reapply sunscreen more often and feel the heat coming from my face after the day is done.

THANK YOU all for the bday wishes. You all make me smile and feel grateful! Click here for pix.

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