Friday, May 10, 2013

Birch Syrup Making and Waterfall by the Ocean

On May 5th I woke up at 7am. Could not go back to sleep and decided to text a friend to go to the end of the road to see the Russian village at the head of the bay. My friend says, "sure but first we need to collect and drop off some birch sap for a friend to process."

"Yeah, I'll go check that out." What a great start to a Sunday. Collecting the sap was way easier than expected. We walked around the property to the trees they drilled holes in with buckets under the tubing. There was not a ton of sap in the buckets. We poured them into one bucket and then poured it into a 100 gallon tank. Barely filling it.

On our drive over through major pot holes and bumpy dirt/mud holes, I thought hmmm maybe going to end of the road where there's a steep dicey switchback ain't the best thing to do during break up season. Living in town on paved roads I don't experience break up as much as others.

We delivered the goods and I got to see the beginning of the syrup process, documenting via pix (and video) and asking lots of questions as usual. The friend suggested we check out a waterfall 20 miles from town. It was a nice sunny day so I wanted to be out.

We hiked on snow which turned into mini rivers. Then had to hold on to a rope for dear life going down a muddy steep "trail" to the beach. I had no clue how slippery mud can be. My cheeks are the only part of my body exposed to sun here. It's kinda sad wearing gloves, hat, boots, wool sox, polar fleece, down coat and after a bit I still felt the wind in May!

I see sunny images of Hawaii and even freaking PDX on facebook. We may not have heat here, but I got the ocean views and an awesome town, surrounded by beauty, generous caring people and a job I finally truly enjoy and am proud of. Click here for pix. 

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