Tuesday, June 25, 2013

End of the Road and Hoopin on a Mt Sunset Valcano

After my bday, I spent 4 nights in Homer then I head off to Seldovia, a small village across the bay, for 3 nights to check out the town and music festival. My work is partly about relationships and networking and I am trying to learn more about this interesting place I dwell and make sense of how to best do my job.

In the meantime in Homer, work has been just getting busier and busier as we come close to our end of July concert on the lawn. After work I always seem to manage talking about it at at home, with friends/the public, even when I don't bring it up. I leave work at 5 and get to explore the town area with friends since I ain't in Homer on the weekends much these days.

It's been not so easy being away every weekend, all the catch up at home to do. But can't complain about my adventures. Just wish I had more time to do all the things that interests me (long list) and chill with all the amazing friends I have (long list again). I hardly can catch up with my pdx/nyc friend anymore. I guess I need to marry rich so I can just volunteer vs working full time at a nonprofit :)

One night a friend and I took my friend Mary (who moved from  Cali to Anchorage to Homer) to the true End of the Road. Only about an hr drive but I never been down there. Waited till break up season was done. The road down to the sea was f'n scarey. But all new landscape and had a blast. click here for those pix.

Another night finally caught up with friend Kammi; we went up the mt to get more sun and some sunset views. We hooped in an open field, no one else in sight. It was grand. Just two girls giggling and having fun. Click here for those pix.

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