Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June - Tutka Bay and Wedding

More and more i understand the phrase midnight sun. Not only is daylight still around by then but it was dreary all day and then around 9 the sunshine breaks out. totally throwing me off. instead of fighting it, I am working with the solar energy. sleeping late getting MY work done slowly. sigh. 
Earlier in June I got to visit Tutka Bay for kayaking, click here for those pix of oysters, barnacles and more. 
End of June I was invited to a wedding. I knew weddings in Homer would be interesting and could not miss out. It was a pagan wedding which I am sure has negative connotations to it but it's more earth based and anti-organized religion. Great creative family making their own dresses. The couple is in their young 20s but been together for years and very happy and loving. Click here for pix.   
Now June is complete, here's an album of random shots taken in June (eagles, clouds, fun town stuff) not listed in other albums. You can see that I have been a busy bee!
Happy 4th!

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