Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homer "Rose" News

Well things are coming along here. Actually its been a whirlwind week. I got a few viable job options literally 3 in a week. So I am training, exploring, shadowing, and thinking how to make this all work into a realistic schedule. I won't go in to all of the details just yet, should know more by the end of the month/early Oct.

One of the jobs is working with a talented website guy. I would basically bring in new clients and assist with front end stuff so he can concentrate on the programming. There's a few other cool business projects we can connect with and create here. In the long run, this will offer me flexible work that can be done anywhere. I can do this at my own time and pace so this is a great side job to do. I am excited about working w/ my friend and learning more. I also plan to spend time on my own projects, which I have a hand full of ideas. I figured Alaska is a great place for home projects in the winter time and Homer is a supportive, creative community to do just that! Busy busy winter for me, which I am totally excited about.

I'm also just got a used 93 chevy from Rick's son Ben. It's small (just a 2 seater) w/ 100K miles, 4x4 and studded tires which is great here in winter. It's not in excellent condition, so I am working on fixing it up a bit. Yes, I know it's not the greenest thing to do and wish i could get a hybrid but that would not work on the roads out here. All we can do is what we can to have a lesser footprint, but I still fly and use oil, so not many (including myself) strive to be completely green.  I just don't want to make my winter harder than it is going to be with the cold and dark. It also helps to have a ride for work. I plan on using it in town and biked this month. I've come to enjoy the biking as u get to see so much more than when being in a car. But is has been rainy (almost flooding in some parts) and crazy winds lately, which I don't like to bike in.

Anyway, lots of changes and just figured out the housing thing. I was being picking wanting something close/in town and with running water to avoid using an outhouse all winter long. Looks like I will winter house site starting mid Nov which is a common thing to do here b/c lots of people leave for most, if not all of winter. This is a friend's friend and is a pretty sweet place and gig. But I will need to couch surf a few times in oct, nov and jan and have kind friends that will host me. Can't have it all as they say :)  but it saves me $ that went to the truck....

Well, as summer has ended here I am posting a pix album of some random Homer hikes I got to explore. TX Homer!

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