Monday, September 3, 2012

And the winner is????

I’ve decided to continue with my crazy path and stay in Alaska. It’s hard to understand if you never been to AK or even to the North West. I just connect better with the lifestyle and mentality here than in the East Coast. The community in Homer is just awesome. Super nice, open minded, creative, unique, and fun (u know the drill). You can be yourself here, invent yourself. I’ve met so many youths in their 20s doing their own thing for work. It’s unbelievable. People are content here and it’s a catchy thing!

I don’t have a job yet, but applying to some. I am planning to spend my free time exploring my own creative projects that I have been meaning to do since last year! Here, there’s support and a nurturing environment.

Can’t say how long I will be here 6 months, a year, 2, but if I make it through winter, I should stay next summer. Will see what happens. I won’t be visiting the East Coast till probably Oct 2013 for a family wedding. Honey will still stay with my parents as it’s a better place for her. I miss her dearly and that’s still a hard part of all this.

This will be a winter like none other and should be an interesting experience in numerous ways. I guess after this, I can live anywhere cold in the US. Homer does not get as cold as the North like Fairbanks but we all know I dislike the cold and this is cold nonetheless.

Here’s a homer hikin album I have been slowly collecting all summer long. I figured I will make a fall/winter one to post separately. Enjoy!

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