Thursday, September 13, 2012

Glacier & Homer

After Talkeetna, we pushed on through and passed Anchorage to make the long way down to Homer, which was 7 hrs more of driving in that day. About an hour south of ANC, we took a nice break to take a 1 hr boat ride to see Portage Glacier. Another first experience for the rents. It was chilly but they enjoyed it.
Then I drove down to Homer. At dusk, you really need to watch out for moose, which we saw a few by the road. We took it a little easy in Homer. Visiting Neil & Kyra's cool place, checking out the market which I worked and doing small drives just to show them the different parts of Homer.

On Sunday morning, we crossed to bay to visit my friends. Did a little bit of fishing on a windy day. Then kayaked the next day on a calmer, sunny day. The weather really held up for us overall on this trip. We had about 2 days of rain out of 10. Parents left on Tues and I am trying to catch up on things. It was cool that they came up and tried a lot of new things. I wanted to how them why I love AK so much. We had a whirlwind trip so its hard to take it all in and enjoy the moment.
In other news. It looks like I have to move so I am looking at lots of housing options, applying for jobs, and even looking into a used, cheap truck as some jobs needs a car. It really depends how close to town I live. But in cold winter it would be nice to have one to food shop and visit friends so I don't become a complete hermit. I've been talking to everyone about winter here so I can mentally prepare. Looks like I need to buy cleats too as the roads and sidewalks get icy. The weather varies so its also tough to predict here nowadays. Click here for pix.

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