Sunday, October 7, 2012

End of Sept & Burning Basket

Well the last official Farmers Market ended 9/29. It was a very cold day even though the sun was out a bit. Its sad b/c now I don't know what I will do for fresh veggies. They just taste so much better from the market than the store. If I had a stable home and huge freezer, I could have frozen some veggies. I know that may sound strange, but actually some veggies are healthier after frozen! I did hear that some farmers brave it out through fall and winter and continue to sell their veggies through Dec. Probably more root type stuff, but worth checking out.

I've been slowly preparing for winter, talking to people about what gear/clothes I will need and also suiting the truck up with things for an emergency situation and making sure everything is in working order. So much time and running around for this but good in the long run.

Sept was a cold, rainy month so I have not been exploring the outdoors much. Its dark till 8:30am and sunsets around 7ish, so I find myself more indoors, slowly waking up etc. This will be good so I can focus on my writing and pix. I  look forward to the beautiful winter, colored sky during the day and hopefully at nights with the Northern lights.

In mid Sept, there was the annual Burning Basket which is just a few hours in the evening, but it took a group 6 days to build from gathering materials. Kinda like the Burning Man, but much less intense. It was a nice, cool community and spiritual gathering. click here for pix.  Also, here's a small album of Homer Farms that I took over the summer, hopefully I can grow this album some more next summer, click here.

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