Friday, September 7, 2012


We made pretty good timing in Fairbanks with all the sights, so we headed to Denali a day earlier than planned. It was an early day at 5am as we drove 2ish hrs to catch the 9:30 bus to Eilsen. Denali is all by bus and you should book them in advance. 
We went about 4 hrs in to the park. It was cloudy and rainy at first but then the sun came out. There were heavy winds in Homer, Anchorage and even Denali. We did not see the mt but saw lots of wildlife at east, including some grizzlies. We then spent the night there and headed all the way to Homer the next day. 

On the way to Homer, we stopped at Talkeetna for breakfast at the road house for famous sourdough hotcakes. I wanted them to at least see Talkeetna and enjoy good food. And lucky for me, I ran into my couch surfing friends from last year. Then back on the road to Homer.

More soon, for now enjoy the Denali pix, by clicking here.

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