Monday, September 3, 2012

Drive from Anc to Fairbanks with the rents

I had to take a flight to Anchorage from Homer after work on Sat. which was short and sweet; a 40 min flight vs 5hr drive. I got to hang out with my couch surfing friend, Kerby, which was great. Just wished we had more time to chill. The next morning I met the parents and we headed for the long drive to Fairbanks. Dad wanted to go there and I have never been that far up in AK.

The 6.5 hr drive was beautiful and we had a nice sunny day. Dad loves to drive but goes pretty darn fast so we made good timing. I was taking tons of shots from the fast moving car and dad would get excited over the sights that he would pull over and order me to take pix! We were all exhausted when we arrived in Fairbanks, so after settling in to the b&b, which was my parents first time, we headed out for dinner.

Click here for great pix of the drive. We were welcomed by a full double rainbow!

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