Friday, December 30, 2011

Nicoya Peninsula Beaches

Dave got to Costa Rica late on Dec 21st. The next day we rented a car and finally made a decision where we were headed for the next 10 days. We chose the Nicoya Peninsula because it is guaranteed to be dry and warm. Also there were some good surf spots for beginners that we wanted to check out.

We did very well finding places to stay and beaches that were not overcrowded, especially during peak season. The next day, Dave came down with a cold for 3 days. But we still went to the numerous beaches. It was super hot and the water was nice and cool. We surfed for one day. It was very tiring for me as the waves just pound you and you need to paddle out. But I stood up a few times on the baby waves.

Got to eat fresh seafood every night and see tons of sunsets. Also got to experience my first jellyfish sting; it hurt but was manageable. Now off to run around Costa Rica for 2 weeks with 18 college students for the ecotourism class Dave conducts. Click here for more pix.

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