Thursday, December 15, 2011

Butterfly Field Work: Larvae Hunting

Tirimbina asks volunteers to help in the field. There’s two Spanish speaking workers who are working on the butterfly project.  One portion of it is to collect larvaes. We accompany them for the daily morning walks in the forest, about 3 hours. Sometimes after lunch (which is huge and yummy), we go for another 1.5 hours. And, in the process of the walks, I take rad pix of nature and animals.

My first walk was pretty cool b/c  it’s like I had my own personal guide. I am being forced to speak my limited Spanish, but it sucks b/c I am missing a lot of learning. Gato and Emmanuel have great eyes and show us all the wildlife. We also go on more trails than just the ones for tourists. It’s pretty muddy and slippery and had a few close calls. 

Since Saturday it has been pouring ran, so I opted out of the forest walks. I've been researching insects that benefits the environment for next year's environmental ed. topis. Click here for pix.

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