Wednesday, January 4, 2012

La Fortuna: Volcan Arenal & Monteverde: Cloud Forest

First morning w/ the VT college students is New Year’s Eve in San Jose. We met with NeotropicaFoundation, who briefed us on CR regions’ economical and social wealth/poverty. Outlining their programs to protect wetlands, training locals in the Osa to be guides, and working w/ political/community issues such as road and airport construction while protecting the rivers and environment.  

Then a few hrs on the bus to La Fortuna and headed to Eco Termales, an eco-hot springs.  Not a bad way to ring in the new year. New Year’s day we toured around Volcano Arenal and checked out the huge, touristy town at night.

On our way to Monteverde, we stopped and toured at a wind farm. Then met with the Monteverde Institute for a historical overview and discussion about tourism in CR.  Next day, we toured Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and met with a local women’s artist co-operative. 

We had a wonderful dinner with Marvin Rockwell and his wife. Marvin was one of the first Quaker families in 1951 to settle in Monteverde. Marvin was 38 and adopted a 1 ½ yrs old local boy. He then married a tica who was 22. After 50 years, they are still happily married.  Click here for more pix and info. 

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