Monday, December 12, 2011

Grounds Next door & River Boat Tour

It’s been pouring rain in the afternoons and throughout the night since Saturday; today is all day rain. I slightly hurt my ankle/leg last Thursday (long story that I will go into another time), so, I have been taking it easy and grading papers. Overall I'm healing and doing well.

I’ve been a tad bored on my free time, but I have a ton of personal reading, writing, and researching to keep me busy. And my computer has been my movie screen at night. There's no more volunteers here and it's usually pretty calm here, which is fine.

I’ve been in CR for a month now and have one more week of volunteering to go. I combined two photo albums: one is a few pictures from the lodge next door. And, on my day off, I took a 2 hr river boat tour and saw some more wildlife. Click here for pix.   

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