Wednesday, December 21, 2011

San Jose again (parks and cemetery) & Volcan Poas

In San Jose, I stayed w/ couchsurfer friends I knew from Portland. Alex and his partner, Jimena, moved to Costa Rica in October. Jimena is a tica. We went out to an irish pub to play an awesome, fun game of Rummikub and try a new, one and only, microbrew. It’s a little pricey but it was way better than the other local beer options, which I have to force down when offered.

At the bar, we ran into other couchsurfers that Alex and Jimena met last Friday. I invited them to meet w/ me the next day to go to Volcan Poas. Another day, I toured some different parts of SJ solo. I’ve been enjoying food and catching up with my lovely hosts. I got to try passion fruit juice on its own. Yeah, crazy taste. Also I am luvin the fresh coconut water and learned that mangos are better here, which I am usualy not a fan of. It was nice to eat something new, my friends are great chefs and I learned a lot from them; there pix of more cool food we ate. Oh, and Alex shaved my head. I did a bad job trimming my hair the other day as usual, so off it went!
Now, I am meeting Dave (from VT) to travel for 10 days, most likely to the Pacific coast to check out the beach and hopefully do some surfing. (I may not have my computer)...Dave comes here 2x a year to conduct his ecotourism/sustainability class w/ students from UVM, which hopefully I will get to join. Then I got 3 more weeks here with no plans! Click here for pix.

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