Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wwoofing Part 3- Shootin, Construction, and Massive Camping

Danny (24 yr old Farmer from Cali) is building an 800 sq ft solar cabin to house additional wwoofers.  He gets many wwoofing requests and there’s a lot to do here. Only the frames were up from last Fall. After Joey (21 yr old from Austin, TX) and Greg (35 yrs old Canadian) did the electrical work, we all worked together to put up the insulation and dry wall. A very new, dusty, and unexpected experience for me; but now I know the construction biz ain’t for me and that insulation is itchy. Also framing is mucho important; we had to work around some uneven walls. But I must admit I feel like a bad ass when sawing dry wall. The work is not has hard on your body, at first, as farming; but after a few days by lower back is aching.

We work hard and play hard here. Danny brought out his shotguns, rifle, and hand pistol for us. I’ve never tried shooting skeet before. I hit two, which was pretty exciting. After a few rounds of the shotgun, I needed a break as it is a powerful weapon and hard on your chest/shoulder area. The rifle gun was easier to handle and so fast and loud. Hand pistols are a piece of cake :)

We cook our meals together and being a group of 8, you can imagine how much time it takes to get things started and the clean up process. We tend to eat dinner by 9. One night Joey started making Enchiladas while Lee (21 yrs old from SC) started making chips for nachos. YUM YUM!
Our first weekend together, Renee (25 yr old from MA), had friends from the east coast living in Salt Lake City, going camping and mountain biking in Moab, UT. We met the crew of 15 in a canyon with free camping spot. It was the windiest camping night so far on this trip. Red, small dirt tornadoes seen forming right before our eyes and in less than a New York minute, it was all over our faces.
The next day, I realize it was pointless setting up the vented summer tent. We were covered in dirt and a pain to wrap up. But the group was cool; we warmed our bums by the fire under the open dark, glittering night till 4am. I tell ya these 20 something year olds are trying to kill me. We have had a few late nights (or rather early mornings) dancing in the living room, playing beer pong, and just chillin on the floor talkin.  I use to go the bed by 11! Click here for more pix.

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