Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kayaking Adventures

One would think operating your own kayaking business is a sweet job, but man there is so much work that goes unseen. From loading the kayaks down, setting up the gear, cleaning and putting everything away to preparing lunches, cleaning the trails and hauling water and food from the boat every week. Then there’s the full day kayaking excursions itself, which doing it every day can get tiring.

Rick does a great job describing the sea life, plants and the nature that surrounds us and some AK history as well. He's just made to be a guide. But don’t forget there’s also the booking, scheduling and inside business stuff to deal with also. They have two small log cabins that people can rent to stay overnight, which is not booked w/ every tour, but just maintaining the grounds, chopping wood, editing/printing brochures, sending photos, and fixing equipment, one can never be bored.  They work so hard mentally and physically, but they really love nature, love interacting with new people and sharing this place and info with them.

In two weeks, I have been on three kayak trips. We have two trips this weekend. Due to weather, winds, and tide timing, we explore different sections of the bay and coves. We also see different wildlife each time. Dorle had to work at the radio station on my 3rd trip, so I was in charge of lunch, which is a yummy salmon soup and the sea veggies and plants we collect that day.

It’s awesome to do something new every day and be in the fresh air, even though it’s still cool and cloudy. My first trip, it was a little drizzly and very cold. It sucks that as I get older, my hands and toes go white and numb with pain even with 2 pairs of gloves/wool socks and heat pads. But as Rick says, "it's the price we pay to live in paradise."

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