Friday, May 6, 2011

Summer time in Alaska in in 5 Days

I have decided to catch a plane on 5/11 to Homer, AK. I will be wwoofing off the grid on a remote island for about 3 weeks at  A friendly, older couple runs a small ecolodge and kayak business.

Then I will travel a bit through AK, hopefully hitting some state and national parks. Only 10% of the state is travelled by road, so it gets tricky and $$ to catch planes, ferries, and buses. I plan to wwoof again in July roughly for a month at, on another remote island, near Juneau.

Most likely will travel my way down (via train, bus, or plane) to Vancouver, Seattle, hopefully hit Mt Rainier and Olympic NP in WA then PDX in late Aug. And hopefully check out Yosemite and Redwoods with some friends.

That's my update for now at least :) Greg still plans to drive up there and be in Alaska in mid June for a month, so we might meet up again. Nothing major happened between us, but traveling on the road for 2 months is stressful and frustrating. This will be a nice break for both of us to do our own thing. I am excited to be in AK for longer and working at some cool places. The not so fun part is trying to fit everything in a backpack. I won’t have any camping gear besides me sleeping bag. I should have Internet access but most likely phone won’t work much.

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