Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boating & Bird Life

We caught five 10-pound Pollock fishes within 2hrs, 120 ft deep. And no, I am not gaining a weight, just wearing tons of layers and a huge life jacket/rain coat hybrid. It's mid 50s here but on the water u get splashed by the waves while moving and the wind can pick up.  It is still cloudy and rainy here, just like PDX. Actually lots of people have OR/PDX connections; it keeps coming up in conversations.

Got to visit my first oyster farm. We got the freshest and yummiest oysters and mussels. So much work and steps go into it that we just do not realize. They have wwoofers there too, too bad it's a bit of a boat ride away from where I am at .
Also saw several eagles flying when we feed them left over fish. Hearing the sound from their wings as they swooped down was just so cool. Also seen a blue jay and humming bird by the house, man are those guys zippy. More pix, click here.

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