Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back in one of my fav states: CO – Colorado National Monument

 We left our wwoofing crew at the vineyard around noon on a nice sunny 90 deg day. On our way to Colorado National Monument we ran into a cattle parade – check out the pix. We got to the park at 6pm on a Sat.; campsites were full. We drove around trying to find people to ask if we could share their site, but the one we asked already said yes to another guy. We saw a spot that looked vacated, though it had another night on the ticket. We figured if they come back, we will ask to share and if not ask some others. No one came back so we saved $20; next day paid for that night.

We had our best weather for sure on this trip, but now the bugs were coming at me. We left the rainfly off the tent and it was cool to see the stars from it.  
There are only one-way trails here. We did the Monument Canyon trail 3.5 miles one way w/ 850 ft elevation gain in the sunny heat. What a temperature change!!  The hike was kinda boring and the canyon is not so diverse. Keep in mind we have explored 8 National Parks and one other National Monument within 2 months. So like any other long term traveling, it takes more to excite you. Not to worry, Alaska will be such a huge scenery change I should perk up. But I will miss finally getting to wear some summer clothes. Can’t have it all, can we?

Mon, headed to Denver to stay with our fav couchsurfing couple, Annie and Ian. Shipped some winter gear to NY and summer gear to Seattle to condense my crap into 2 bags for Alaska today at 8am. Got me some bug spray and a mosquito head net; I’m ready for the wilderness!  Click here for  more pix.

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