Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Koh rung - Cambodia 12/16

 From Otres beach you can get to some nice islands south of Cambodia. I went to the main one, Ko rung. I didn't know much about it but heard it's like Thailand 10 years ago, before Thailand islands got invaded with tourists and of course development. 

The ferry is only an hr but I have never seen such a disorganized transportation system. The boat is there and they started boarding us very inefficiently, 30 mins after departure time. Not so bad as I heard other boats left an hr late. 
The hostel I booked is not near the main pier but i was told I could get dropped of very close to a different pier. Waves were a bit bad (not really) so they only went to the main one. I was a bit hungover and got sick twice at the very end. 

I didn't want to get on another boat so a traveller headed my way offered to wear my 20 pound backpac; we took our time walking about 1.5 through beautiful beach spots and through a small forest. 

I was stoked to have a tent instead of a dorm bed. It was huge and in a perfect spot just under a minute walk from the ocean. I chilled for two nights. Caught up on sleep as I heard the waves crashing from my tent. 

My time is short in Cambodia so I decided to book a flight to Siem reap to avoid going back through Phom penh. The boat ride back to the mainland was an ordeal. I opted to go early to be on the safe side for my 4pm flight. After waiting two hours by the pier close by to my hostel, I started to panic. Was told it's too choppy and have to go to the main pier. 
However none of the small boats wanted to make the trip to the main pier either cuz of the waves. So I started marching through the woods this time carrying my backpack. After 30 mins back on the beach side,  I noticed it was calmer. Saw a boat and a guy and paid him $10 to take me to the pier. 

I made good time to catch the 12:30 boat, but then was told that my boat company cancelled their trips. So I bought another ticket that was double the price and waited 2 more hours. 

I saw my original boat at the pier and after much going  back and forth between the two boat companies and docks I decided to go with the original one. The other one was changing their boat as the one that just arrived broke down a few times. 

45 mins crazy boat ride, up and down the waves with barely mins to make my flight. I gave up on the flight but people encouraged me to try. At this point I'd be happy to make it alive to the mainland. 

Kept my bag with me, up front so I could rush off the boat. Walked a bit to gab a taxi and told him fast. Calling the airlines to let them know I'm on the way but if I miss it could I make the next flight? They said no it's full, so hurry.  

 Taxi hurries, he's happy that I will make it. I tip him, heart racing at the check in. Asking them, did I make it. They said, yes. Rush through security, luckily this is a tiny airport, only to be told that I have time. The plane is delayed. Then why did the guy on the phone, whoever he was, told me to hurry; hurry as if I had just one minute to make it. 

I spent $5 on a beer and icecream to relax. Normally beer is .50 cents. Expensive day to make my flight and the awesome beach time I had experienced was now filled with a stressful feeling. Whew. 

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