Friday, January 6, 2017

Siem reap & Ankow Wat - Cambodia 1:1

  Arrived at Siem reap the day before New Years to meet up with a friend who flew from Portland. We were pretty tired from stressful travels so New Year's Eve was pretty chill. We heard fireworks at midnight and the streets were getting packed by 8pm. 

We toured ankor wat for two days. Lots of cool temples to see so it's nice to split it in two days. The first day was exhausting. Second day we woke up at 4 for the sunrise. 

Rest of the time in town was chill. Took an hour pottery class for fun. First time on a kick wheel wh oh was hard and tiring. Siem reap is built for tourists to see ankor wat. Everything is more pricey and it's hard to escape the tourist trap in this big city designed for us. 

 I'm glad I saw ankor wat and the ruins with the trees embedded in them were super cool. Khmer and Indian food was great but I just didn't feel like I was in Cambodia anymore. 
Two weeks in Cambodia was not enough time. I wished I planned it a bit better to visit other parts. Keep on learning :)-

Pix link to Siem reap and ankor wat

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