Monday, January 16, 2017

Ko Kraden, Ko Mok & Trang 1/17

 A two hour boat ride takes you from pretty, but busy krabi town to the beautiful waters of ko kraden. There's resorts but it's a small island and things are a bit more spread out and nestled in the trees rather than overtaking all the beaches. 

I read about a bungalow that was semi affordable and further away from the "main" pier area. It reminded me of Homer because to walk there on the beach you had to catch the tides right. Otherwise you had to walk through a jungly section, which ain't bad but some fallen big trees covered with ants. 
The food was simple Thai. It's hard to escape the rice and fried everything with white bread. The bungalow had a seaview and the water was blue and clear. Not the best snorkeling as I read but perhaps the recent storm had something to do with it. Overal o still think Malta has the best beaches but maybe I'm bias :)

After two nights, a 30 mins long tail boats takes you to ko mok which is known for its emerald cave. You swim 80 meters through a dark cave and you launch put to a small lagoon and beach that is completely enclosed with towering limestone cliffs. 

There's actual roads on this island and tuk Tuks, more people, places, etc but also more affordable. Every island and bungalow has its pros and cons especially when you are on a budget.

 As soon as I got here I was sick, not the committing kind. My new cut on the bottom of my foot was still red and slightly painful for about a week. After having chills, feeling warm, and with the new bathroom issue I decided to take antibiotics again after more research and consulting a doc friend. 

Few days of gut issues, only in the mornings at least, you are so depleted of energy. Found some more electrolytes, coc water and my new fav aloe water, and kept taking probiotics. Avoided booze and sun and got lots of rest. 

Day 4 started getting better. Of course this was on the day I started traveling back home. I saved money by just eating rice, toast and bannas and no booze but couldn't resist eating bbq Freah fish for dinner right on the beach during sunset. 

Another 30 mins long tail to the mainland then one Hr minivan to Trang, with  6 hrs to kill before the  evening flight to Bangkok. Only slept 4hrs before i started my long journey back "home" to Portland. What's next I'm not so sure. Got some ideas cooking and need time to research, rest and save up again :)-

Pix of Ko kraden 

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