Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tokyo - second time around

Truly the city that doesn't sleep and this is coming from a Manhattan girl. Thankfully it's my second visit here so by the second day I got comfortable/adjusted. A good friend from Portland has been here six years and it was great to meet up with Reno. 

  After long flights, time zone change and super culture and population shock, it's easy to get overwhelmed. I met an American traveler Courtney where I was staying and the crowds got to her. I've been in AK for years but adjusted to this city easier than to the subdivisions and box stores I kept seeing in CO. 

 Bright lights, noise and swimming against the fishes is a constant here. As an American we stand out, even though you visit tourist spots, we seem to be the only non-Asian on the complicated, intense train system. 
You order food by the pictures and machines, which is better than nada. Pay a machine for then give your ticket to the staff and get yummy food promptly. There's a bar for just about every crazy  theme you can imagine and more. Robot resturants (too spendy for us), ER bar, Alice and wonderland on acid bar. 
There are shrines, temples and cemeteries sprinkled throughout the massive city, which is very peaceful and pleasant. Triggered a ton of side streets to turn and get lost in. 

 The city's web reaches far too many other amazing neighborhoods. Trains are pricey, busy and it takes an hr to get from one spot to another and multiple cone croons and walking; this was the most frustrating for me. I also pulled something in my leg the first day so had to baby it and suppress the waking. Another bummer was I really wanted to go to a hotsprings but couldn't find one close that would allow tatted peeps. I will live :)

My good friend Kammi asked if I loved Japan. I do like Tokyo. It is just such a visual wonder for your eyes and energy on the air like no other city on earth. 

I'm so happy last time I was here I explored outside country and would highly recommend that to others. Don't let the train system trap you In the city. Go out, explore. And get lost. Japan is small but condensed with so much new and old. It was definately a great comfy stop for me as I now head to new territory. 

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